Doorite Screens provides Custom made Colonial Castings security doors in Melbourne,
Fully measured and installed by expert trades people, We service most areas of the South Eastern and Bayside suburbs of Melbourne.

Our Security Doors are Custom Made, to ensure the best possible fit, All available at factory direct prices

Colonial Castings has a wide range of Security Screen Door designs and patterns to suit Your Budget, look and style of your home. 

The Security Door Frame is high grade Aluminium and the door inserts are gravity die Cast in 100% recyclable aluminium, which is known for its durability and strength.



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SP 14 A/B Colonial Castings 

Aluminium Door 

with tuff mesh



SP 34 A/B Colonial Castings Aluminium Door

with limited vision mesh



SP 13 B/B Colonial Castings Aluminium Door

with fibreglass mesh



SP17 Colonial Casting Design

with limited vision mesh,bottom kick plate

for oversized door


Price for Colonial Casting Doors Measured and Installed $495.00 

Allow 3 weeks to manufacture

With an Austral Single Lock, Austral door Closer and A Bug Seal along the bottom. with Fibreglass mesh.


Colonial Casting Doors can be made to suit hinged or sliding doorways.

Doors over 900 wide from $561.00


Options Available
Tuff Mesh $ 77.00
Claw Mesh $77.00
Limited Vision Mesh $77.00
Stainless Steel Mesh $242.00
Triple Locking System $77.00
The limited vision properties of the mesh, rely on specific light conditions and may not be as effective on some door installations
Warranty on Aluminium Security Door installations is for 3 years,
that covers the construction / finish /installation / lock. adjustments to the fit of the Security Door and operation of the lock due to house movement are not covered under warranty.

Door closers and the mesh are excluded from the warranty. 

Tampering with lock, misuse and claims due to lack of maintenance are excluded from warranty.
Maintenance: all powdercoated products should be washed with warm, soapy water regularly. In coastal areas wash at least once a week.
SP 51 A/B Design
with limited vision mesh
SP 55 Design
SP 10 Design

SP 13 A/B Design

For Colonial Castings Brochure

click link below.


Please note from the brochure, Glass Panel insert doors, Alumesh doors and galvanised doors are unavailable


Due to the Pre-made Design Panels, Certain door sizes will be unavailable, However you will be able to choose a Steel, Invis-Gard or Aluminium diamond door as an alternative.



SP 34AB Double Doors

21 standard dulux powdercoat colours

SP 29 A/B Design

SP14 A/B Design

Double Entrance