A127 Standard Diamond Screen Door with fibreglass mesh from $363.00 Installed

Prices stated include the measure, installation and GST. Also included are an austral single lock, austral door closer and a bug seal along the bottom, All our door styles can be made for hinged or sliding screen door openings

(price is for a standard installation & size, example: sizes up to 870 x 2100)

depending on your existing door frame, additional costs may occur once a site inspection has been done.

Allow approx. 2-3 weeks to manufacture


Aluminium screen doors are a cost effective way to secure your home and a fantastic choice for the budget conscious. Screen doors not only protect your home from intruders But also helps keep bugs and other pests outside where they belong. Our Aluminium screen doors are measured and installed by expert trades people, we come to your home,provide you with advice and offer free Quotes.


Contact us today for your free measure and quote 9555 4294

You can also visit our Factory & Showroom to view our doors on display at 2 Joel Court, Moorabbin, 3189

Before contacting Doorite Screens, please check if you are located in our service area which is a region within  the inner South Eastern & Bayside Suburbs of Melbourne Suburbs in our service area

A127 Standard Diamond
with fibreglass mesh $363.00

A127 Standard Diamond

with limited vision mesh


A127 Standard Diamond

With Tuff Mesh $440.00

Flyscreen Door with stainless steel mesh $550.00



Extra Options Available For Diamond Doors

Tuff Mesh $77.00
Limited Vision Mesh $77.00
Claw Mesh $77.00
For Security,Triple Locking System $77.00
Half Flat Sheet Panel Door $55.00
Pet Entrance $132.00
Flyscreen Doors with support rails, hinged or sliding
with fibreglass mesh from $319.00
with tuff or pet paw mesh $396.00
with stainless steel mesh from $550.00

Standard colour options available, White, White Birch, Primrose, Magnolia, Brown, Black, Pale Eucalypt, Pottery, Notre Dame, Bronze, ANO Clear, Deep Ocean, Woodland Grey, Paperbark, Jasper, Dune, Monument, Ultra Silver, Surf Mist












Flyscreen Door with Tuff mesh $396.00

Sliding Flyscreen Door with fibreglass mesh $319.00

Sliding Flyscreen Door with Stainless Steel Mesh $550.00

Double Sliding Flyscreen Doors Fibreglass mesh from $660.00



Mesh Types
standard flyscreen mesh, has a PVC coating, making it waterproof and resistant to staining whilst allowing perfect visibility and protection from pests and bugs. can stretch nice and tight.
Tuff Mesh
aluminium mesh, provides great protection from pets and children.
Colour, Black, great visibility.
Limited Vision Mesh
aluminium mesh, protects from pets, children and gives added Security
By limiting visibility from the outside whilst maintaining the view from inside. Comes in 22 standard powdercoated colours. (the limited vision properties of the mesh, rely on the specific light conditions

and may not be as effective on some door installations)


Claw Mesh (pet paw mesh)
Claw Mesh is a super tough vinyl coated polyester woven fibre mesh
Ideal for homes with pets and small children as this mesh is soft to touch,but hard to Damage. It is considered to be up to 20 times stronger than Fibreglass mesh, Claw mesh is UV Stabilised and will not corrode.


Stainless Steel Mesh - See Invisi-Gard Webpage
Heavy Duty 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh
This Mesh is the strongest available, cannot be sliced with a knife or ripped.
Clear Vision. No Need for bars or Grills. Colour Black
Vision-Gard Mesh  -See Vision-Gard Webpage
Super RV Privacy mesh 1.6mm thick, cannot be sliced with a knife or ripped.
Restricted Vision. No Need for bars or Grills. Colour Black

Warranty on Aluminium Screen Door installations is for 3 years,

that covers the construction / finish /installation / lock. adjustments to the fit of the Security Door and operation of the lock due to house movement are not covered under warranty.

Door closers and the mesh are excluded from the warranty 

tampering with lock, misuse and claims due to lack of maintenance are excluded from warranty.
tarnishing of brass and chrome locks are excluded from warranty. maintenance: all powdercoated products should be washed with warm, soapy water regularly. In coastal areas wash at least once a week.






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