Doorite Screens can remesh your security doors and flyscreens, we can pick up, remesh and refit. Please see the Suburbs that we service

Alternatively, you can drop your doors and screens into us at our Moorabbin factory. 

We also sell spare parts & accessories for your security doors and flyscreens.


Some of the services we provide

Replace Security Door Locks, Handles and Cylinders

(for older style locks & triple locks, parts may not be available, it is usually best to use a local locksmith)

Rewire / Remesh Security Doors and Flyscreens with your choice of mesh

Remake your Security Doors and Flyscreens using your old ones as a template

Fit Limited Vision Mesh to existing Security Doors

Replace Automatic Door Closers

Upgrade your Security Door with 316 marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh, this Mesh is the strongest available, cannot be sliced with a knife and will not rust or corrode.  


We do not refurbish or powdercoat old doors as the cost is on par with buying a new door and the powdercoaters do not give any warranty or guarantee on the finish of the door.     



Stainless Steel Mesh  Heavy duty 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh

This Mesh is the strongest available, cannot be sliced with a knife or ripped, will not rust or corrode.

Clear Vision.

Colour Black


Tuff Mesh (aluminium) Provides great protection from pets and children. Clear Vision. Colour Black  


Limited Vision Mesh (aluminium) Protects form pets, children and gives added security by limiting visibility from the outside whilst maintaining the view from inside. Limited vision mesh is available in 18 standard powdercoated colours.


Vision-Gard Mesh 1.6mm thick (aluminium) Similar to the limited vision, has more privacy, is a strong 1.6mm thick aluminium sheet that is perforated Limited Vision. Colour Black


Please Note, due to the fact that both privacy mesh types works with the light / dark conditions, it may not be as effective in some installations, you may be able to see through the mesh from the outside.


Alu-Gard Mesh 1.6mm thick (aluminium) Alu-gard utilises a strong 1.6mm thick aluminium sheet that is perforated. Clear Vision. Colour Black


Pet paw Mesh  Super tough vinyl coated polyester woven fibre mesh, ideal for homes with pets and small children as this mesh is soft to touch, but hard to damage. It is considered to be up to 20 times stronger than Fibreglass mesh.  Due to the thickness, Claw mesh is a little darker to see through than fibreglass mesh. Also can be a little saggy in larger window openings. Colour Black.  


Aluminium Wire Similar thickness to Fibreglass mesh, a little stronger,  suitable for bush fire rated areas. Clear vision.  Downfall is it can dent and crease easily.   We do not recommend using this mesh unless necessary for bush fire rated areas. Colour Black

Fibreglass Mesh Standard Mesh Product used, resilient and long lasting.  Withstands all climates, cost effective. Clear Vision.  But not as strong as the other mesh types.  Perfectly fine for using on flyscreen windows. Colour Black





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