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Most of us are concerned about feeling safe and protected in our own homes, having a steel security door Installed as a barrier between you and the person on the other side is essential.


Absolute steel security doors add great protection from intruders, they enhance the look, style and value of your home, whilst keeping insects and other pests outside where they belong. We offer free quotes & advice with competitive prices on steel security door installations, Contact us today for your free measure and quote.


Call us today or fill out the enquiry form to organise your Free Quote, you can also visit our Factory & Showroom to view our doors on display at 2 Joel Court, Moorabbin, 3189


Before contacting Doorite Screens, please check if you are located in our service area which is a region within the inner South Eastern & Bayside Suburbs of Melbourne Suburbs we service


Steel security doors price, fully measured and installed $935.00 including gst

Price includes Tuff Mesh or Limited Vision Mesh.

Upgrade for added security & strength to a stainless steel mesh or vision-gard mesh for $242.00


(Security door prices stated are for a standard installation & size, example: sizes up to 870 x 2100)

Over sized doors will incur an additional cost. Depending on your existing door frame, additional costs may occur once a site inspection has been done.

Security door cost also includes Austral single snib/dead lock, Austral door closer (if room) and a Bug seal along the bottom.

Steel security doors are fully custom made, zinc plated and powdercoated




Canterbury 4 Design

Security Door with Tuff mesh

Clarendon Design

Security Door upgraded

to stainless steel mesh

Franklin Design

Security Door with limited vision mesh

Malvern Custom Bar Design

with Tuff mesh



Montague Design

Security Door with upgraded stainless steel mesh

Elizabeth design

with stainless steel mesh

Coventry Design

with limited vision mesh

Macarthur design

custom bar spacing to match front door

Steel Screen Door Features include:

Australian Standard 50 x 20 tube steel frame.

Fully welded construction combining quality Australian solid and tubular steels.

Professionally measured, made and installed by experienced tradespeople

Quality single point deadlock with keyless locking snib.

Conforming to Australian Standards.

Powdercoated over zinc plated base.

Porch enclosures and window grilles available in most designs.

Due to the continuous upgrading and sourcing of materials, specifications

in design and manufacturing of doors shown may change without notice.


Limited vision & Vision-gard mesh : The properties of the mesh, rely on the specific light conditions of your house and may not be as effective on some door installations.

Extra Upgrades

Upgrade to Stainless Steel Mesh,from $242.00
This Mesh is the strongest available, cannot be sliced with a knife or ripped.
Vision-Gard Privacy Mesh 1.6 mm thick, $242.00 cannot be sliced with a knife or ripped.
Protector chrome key lock $242.00
Double door entrance conversion $44.00
Steel Security Doors in Melbourne are available in the following Standard colours: White, White Birch, Primrose, Magnolia, Brown, Black, Paperbark, Notre Dame, Deep Ocean, Woodland Grey, Jasper, Dune, Monument, Surf Mist.
We can also powdercoat the doors from the Dulux Duralloy Range. approximate extra cost $88.00

Malvern design enclosure

with stainless steel mesh

Queensberry design with side panels with limited vision mesh

Custom bars with matching side panel and window panel

Custom bars with matching side panels

Elizabeth Design with

limited vision mesh


Queensberry design

Security Door with Tuff mesh

Burnley Design

Eye catching Dulux Pommel Blue Canterbury 1 Design

Montague Design

Double Doors

Nepean Design

Security Door with upgraded stainless steel mesh & a chrome protector lock

Franklin design enclosure

with limited vision mesh

Eye catching Dulux Flame Red Canterbury 4 Design
Absolute steel provide a 15 year warranty on the construction, 3 year powdercoat finish & installation. 1 year powdercoat finish for homes within 5km proximity from the beach.1 year lock warranty. These doors require a high level of maintenance, hence a 1 year powdercoated finish warranty.
Adjustments to the fit of the Security Door and operation of the lock due to house movement are not covered under warranty.

(door closers not included under warranty) tampering with lock, misuse and claims due to lack of maintenance are excluded from warranty. Mesh and door closers are excluded from warranty.

Tarnishing of brass and chrome locks are excluded from warranty.
Maintenance: Customers must take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of all doors. All steel doors are to be washed down with warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried on a regular basis. (Doorite Screens recommend at least once every 3 months). A cleaning regime for products that are situated in a hazardous environment (eg: direct exposure to salt spray) are to be washed at least once a week.


A powder coated steel surface is generally porous. Therefore if your product is not cleaned regularly, any dust, dirt or other pollutants on the product will act as a barrier, any moisture sitting on it will then not evaporate. If the moisture is not able to evaporate, it will eventually permeate through the powder coating and cause damage / rust of your product. This is why we recommend a cleaning regime of at least once every 3 months.

No warranty applies to accidental or intentional damage.

Swanston design

with limited vision mesh

Elizabeth Design with

matching side panel

Protector lock chrome

Extra Cost $220.00




19 Standard Dulux Colours

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