Retractable Screens For Doors 

Doorite Screens provide Formosa retractable pleated screens for hard to screen openings, including french doors, bi-fold doors and sliding doors. We are a small family owned and run business, We service limited areas of the South Eastern and Bayside suburbs of Melbourne. View the Suburbs that we service.


Formosa retractable pleated screens are fully integrated into doors discreetly while in operation or retracted. This is achieved with low profile aluminium sections and the pleated, UV stable mesh, the mesh is made from Polyethylene + Polypropylene (PE+PP), which is as strong as plastic. It will not rust and offers UV protection.

Many systems offer a flat mesh which is prone to sagging and requires an unsightly canister to house

the screen mesh. If children & pets run through the mesh or there is any accidental damage, Our specialised design allows simple replacement of mesh without removing any fixed parts.


The pleated mesh feature allows the mesh to fold and stack back against itself with great ease and occupies minimal space. The Magnetic strip feature allows smooth gliding and creates perfect closure. The braided tensioning cords that run horizontally stabilise the screen and also prevent the mesh from blowing out in windy conditions. This helps prevent tearing and if the screen does leave the channel it can be easily placed back inside.


Current Standard frame colours are Pearl White, Satin Black, Monument, Anodised clear

Extra $110.00 per screen to have the frame powdercoated in other dulux colours

Maximum height 2600mm. Maximum width 4000mm.

Double door systems are available too.


Allow approx. 3 weeks to manufacture

For installation before the Christmas closure period, order must be placed before the 30th of November.



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To clean your retractable screens, simply wipe the surface of the frames gently with water using a cloth and make sure there are no leaves or dust in the gutter of the bottom track.


Daily Maintenance
When the fly screen is not in use, please make sure the mesh remains within the tracks. This will increase the life of the mesh.Smoothing to improve the sliding of fly screen, use spray and wipe polish (such as Mr Sheen Polish) on the track to gain continuous smooth opening and closing.


Mesh Care
Insect screening materials can be effectively cleaned with a soft bristled brush or with the furniture brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Wash down the mesh monthly using warm tap water. Keep the mesh closed within the tracks after the wash, and allow to dry.


7 year warranty on fixed parts (aluminium frame)

1 year warranty on moving parts (mesh/shade cord)


Customer online warranty registration available for an extra 180 days of mesh warranty. To register, fill in the online registration warranty form. Customer will receive a pack with warranty details and a maintenance and care instruction pamphlet will be included in the package upon installation of your screens.




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