Retractable Screens For Doors 

Doorite Screens provide the Formosa pleated screens and Brio 612 pleated screens for hard to screen openings, including french doors, bi-fold doors and sliding doors. As we are a small family owned and run business, We can only service limited areas of the South Eastern and Bayside suburbs of Melbourne. View the Suburbs that we service.


The retractable pleated screens are fully integrated into doors discreetly while in operation or retracted. This is achieved with low profile aluminium sections and the pleated, UV stable mesh.

Many systems offer a flat mesh which is prone to sagging and requires an unsightly canister to house

the screen mesh. 


Formosa and Brio both have braided tensioning cords that run horizontally to stabilise the screen.

The pleated feature allows the mesh to fold and stack back against itself with great ease and occupies minimal space. The tensioning cords also prevent the mesh from blowing out in windy conditions. This

safety feature helps prevent tearing and if the screen does leave the channel it can be easily

placed back inside.



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