Warranty, Care and Maintenance Guideline

Maintenance is required to preserve the original appearance and operation of our products. Customers are required to take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of all doors and screens.

Surfaces should be inspected regularly and kept clean by prompt removal of all dust, dirt, grime and other foreign matter using a soft sponge with clean soapy water, using a mild detergent. Wash off any detergent residue with clean water and dry. Under no circumstances should you use any abrasive type of cleaning agents or caustic solutions, steel wool or scourer pads.

Frequency of cleaning is largely dependent on the location of the building. In most circumstances cleaning should be carried out every 3-4 months.

We recommend a cleaning regime for products that are situated in hazardous environments to be inspected at least once a month and cleaned every 2-4 weeks (eg: exposure to salt spray and situated within 15 km from the coast line or industrial areas).  If you have a welded Steel door, wash once a week in hazardous areas.

Insect mesh, pet mesh and security mesh can be cleaned with a soft brush or duster.

The speed of the door closers can be adjusted with a phillips head screw driver. No warranty applies to the door closer.

For locks, quarterly wipe the strike plate, inside and out with a soapy rag to remove build up of debris. Lubricate the strike plate with WD-40 or similar. For short term solutions, lubricate the lock tongue & cylinder with WD-40 or similar or a powder graphite lubricant for long term lubrication.

For sliding doors, please ensure the tracks are kept clean and clear of any dirt, dust, pet hair or debris.

Warranty on the construction, powdercoat finish & installation on screen security doors will vary, depending on product purchased. Please see below warranty periods.

For specific warranty details on products, please view the brochure or go to their individual websites (where applicable) for complete details

  • Alu-grille – A127 diamond pattern aluminium doors. 3 year warranty on the construction, powdercoat finish & installation. 1 year lock warranty
  • Vision-Gard & Alu-gard aluminium security screen. 7 year warranty on the construction, powdercoat finish & installation. 1 year lock warranty.
  • Invisi-Gard stainless steel mesh doors and windows. 15 year warranty on the construction, stainless steel mesh, powdercoat finish & installation. 1 year lock warranty
  • Aluminium flyscreen windows & doors 1 year warranty on the finish, construction & installation of the frame.
  • Formosa retractable screens. 7 year warranty on fixed parts (aluminium frame), 1 year warranty on moving parts (mesh/shade cord). Register online with Formosa for an additional 6 months warranty. When the fly screen is not in use, please make sure the mesh remains within the tracks. This will increase the life of the mesh. Smoothing to improve the sliding of fly screen, use spray and wipe polish (such as Mr Sheen Polish) on the track to gain continuous smooth opening and closing.

Adjustments to the fit of the door and operation of the lock due to house movement are not covered under warranty. Tampering with the lock & misuse are excluded from warranty. 

No warranty applies to accidental or intentional damage, including damage to any mesh or insect screens, wear and tear or abnormal use of the product. Claims due to lack of maintenance are excluded from the warranty.

Doorite Screens may repair or replace at its option any portion of the product which proves to be defective under the terms of this warranty at no further cost to the buyer. Doorite Screens shall be liable under this limited warranty only for the cost or at its option repair or replacement of defective products.

Purchaser Responsibilities. Be able to show that:

  • The product defect or damage has occurred because of faulty products or workmanship
  • The product has been used expressly for its intended purpose
  • The product Care and Maintenance obligations have been fulfilled
  • They are the original purchaser The claim is within the warranty period as set for the product