Vision-Gard Security Screen Doors


Now there is no need for diamond grilles or bars to have a privacy screen mesh.

Vision-Gard screens not only secure your home but also provide a degree of privacy from people outside your home looking in. Vision-Gard screens provide security, privacy and strength, as well as being corrosion resistant and looking great.


Vision-Gard is a strong (1.6mm thick) aluminium sheet that is perforated and powder coated in Australia to exacting standards.This mesh works by limiting the field of vision for people on the outside looking in.

Vision-Gard works if there is correct lighting allowing a person on the inside to see outside and not be seen from the visitor’s side. It does rely on the specific light conditions and may not be as effective on some door installations. 


Vision-Gard Door Cost From $693.00 installed with triple locking system included

price also includes a door closer and bugstrip. (price is for a standard installation & size, example: sizes up to 850 x 2100) over sized doors will incur an additional cost. depending on your existing door frame, additional costs may occur once a site inspection has been done.

Allow approx. 3 weeks to manufacture



Vision-Gard Brochure

Vision-Gard Door

View from Inside

Vision-Gard Door

View from Outside

19 Standard Dulux Colours

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