Colonial Style Aluminium Screen Doors in Melbourne

Colonial cast panels feature unique designs with Australian design registrations. The Colonial cast panel range offers a selection of traditional and contemporary designs in an extensive range of colour finishes. Manufactured from the highest quality of recyclable aluminium, Colonial cast panels are a stylish and durable addition to your home.

Starting price for Colonial Panel Screen Doors with Tuff Mesh or Limited Vision Mesh, Measured and Installed $935.00

Includes Austral single lock, Austral door closer and a bug seal along the bottom, with fibreglass mesh.

(price is for a standard installation & size, example: sizes up to 870 x 2100).

Optional Extras

Triple locking system $88.00

Alu-Gard mesh $242.00

Vision-Gard mesh $242.00

Due to the pre made panel die casting, 

Colonial casting style doors are limited to certain sizes only. minimum width is 790 wide.


SP13 B/B Design

SP34 A/B Design


SP14 A/B Design

SP29 A/B Design

SP13 A/B Design